Finding work experience will involve the same strategies as looking for a job; in that regard, it can provide you with valuable experience of the activities involved in seeking graduate employment. Work experience positions are often not advertised – you will have to explore, research and network in order to discover your own work experience opportunity.

1. Your Faculty

Many Faculties and Schools within La Trobe University offer subjects involving work placements and/or industry-based learning.

2. CareerHub

CareerHub provides details of those employers who have contacted the University in the past with job vacancies and graduate recruitment opportunities. Start with these potential leads; they have already demonstrated their awareness of the benefits La Trobe University students could bring to their workplace. They’re also likely to be in an industry relevant to students, and undertake activities directly related to La Trobe courses.

3. Family, friends and your own other networks

Don’t underestimate your own networks – ask around your family and friends for possible contacts to follow up. More information on networking is available on our website.

4. Professional associations

Professional and industry associations can help in many ways – their websites will usually provide useful general information on the industry or profession, including labour market trends, future directions, and links to other relevant sites. A list of professional associations is available at the Graduate Opportunities website.

5. Online employer profiles

A number of organisations have collected lists of employer profiles offering organisational summaries and links to their websites; these websites are excellent resources for researching specific information about organisations.


Information to look for

Areas to research include your industry’s:

  • history and likely direction
  • major players
  • high-demand or growth areas
  • professional events and conferences
  • career path options.

Once you’ve identified an organisation you’d like to approach about work experience,  explore their website and other resources to research their:

  • history, services or products
  • structure in terms of parent companies and subsidiaries
  • business focus and scope
  • niche and reputation within the industry
  • new product, projects and recent developments
  • corporate values
  • current and future goals, priorities and direction.

The information you uncover gives you the opportunity to see if the organisation is right for you. It will also provide insights you can use in preparing your cover letters, resume and interview notes. Employers always regard prior research and genuine interest in their organisation favourably.

Insurance coverage for work placement

Students currently enrolled at La Trobe University may apply to be covered by the University’s insurance scheme for specific work placements. Please refer to the University Insurance Office for further information and forms to complete.