Aiming for a career in science? Education? Creative arts? Politics? Working through an undergraduate degree? Embarking on a Masters or a PhD? Whatever you are doing, you’re not going to be the only person finishing university and looking for a job with that particular qualification in hand. What will make you stand out to employers?

Your qualification should give you specific know-how and technical skills and standing out by achieving good marks is one part of the equation. That said,  your personal qualities, achievements, interests and employability skills are also a critical part of what you will bring to a workplace. 

• What are potential employers in your field looking for?

• How does this match up with your current strengths?

• What do you need to develop?

Consciously building your employability skills is a clever way to improve your job prospects and studying provides some opportunities to do this. (See our blog ‘How to match your university capabilities with employability skills’.) Working, volunteering and involvement in extra-curricular activities may add a lot to your study experience and help you build your confidence, networks and industry knowledge.

3 ways to develop your employability skills here at La Trobe

1. Get involved

Find opportunities to volunteer through community organisations and uni initiatives where you can enhance your skills and make friends for life through sport, student clubs, leadership, mentoring and volunteering.

2. Join the Student Union

The Student Union has a myriad of ways students can get involved. There are over 50 student-run clubs and societies including political, cultural, musical, activist, academic and general interest clubs plus a host of volunteer opportunities, fun activities and events. Why not get involved in a committee, organising group or special event?

3. Tap into your faculty

Can you obtain work experience in the field you want to work in? Many faculties have online information about their work-based learning activities, offering opportunities for students to engage in experiences directly related to the workplace through internships, placements and work experience.

See what your faculty has to offer.

Find out about the Work Ready Bachelor of Arts.

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