Many graduates find jobs through online advertisements or listings but this is by no means the only way to find a graduate job. Statistics from 2012 show that an equal percentage of jobs (26%) were found through networks such as family, friends, work contacts and university contacts (e.g. lecturers).

Over 40% of jobs are found when networking is combined with other active job search strategies such as approaching employers and attending careers fairs. In fact, this approach has about the same rate of success as responding to formally advertised positions does.


 Advertisement on internet                     26%

Family or friends                                           15%

University careers service                        11%

Approached employer directly               9%

Work contacts                                                6%

Careers fair or info session                      6%

Approached by employer                         6%

Other university source (e.g. lecturers)            5%

Advertisement in print media               4%

Recruiter/employment agency             4%

Posted resume on the internet              1%

Other                                                                 7%

(Source: GradStats, Graduate Careers, December 2012)