‘Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.’


Career planning in a complex and changing environment means opportunities will arise that you could not have planned for. Long-term goal setting may be of limited benefit because you can really only plan around how you might be successful in this environment. Instead, setting short term measurable goals can position you to do what you can where you are, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Short term goals need to be:

• specific

• action-orientated

• measurable.

Make a commitment on paper and put your career ideas into action

Consider developing a Career Readiness Plan that lists short-term career goals that can easily be measured. As we all have different goals and development needs, your plan will be unique to you. Start by identifying areas where you can take action to develop specific skills or experience.

Your actions may include:

• skill development activities or training

• network development

• gaining experience

• applying for an opportunity.

Use your plan to keep track of your progress and update it to reflect new opportunities and strategies.

You’ll find some great resources for setting goals at Mindtools and the University of California.