Keen to know what your career options  are with your current degree?

Wanting to plan ahead for professional work when you graduate?

Wondering if your current university course is the right one for you?

Trying to decide whether to accept ‘Project A’ or ‘Project B’ in your current job?

Wherever you’re at, good career management skills can help you to be ‘career ready’ and make informed decisions. Career readiness is about being able to look for opportunities, make choices and take action based on accurate, current  information, a clear sense of direction and effective decision-making.

Here’s a 6 step process you can use at any stage in your career.


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The La Trobe University Career Ready Program is designed to help you to develop career readiness skills around these elements, to use now and throughout your life.

See 6 steps to career planning while you study for more details and suggested activities.