Need to bring in some money while you study? Part-time or casual work can fit in well with study commitments and also give you more skills to offer employers when you graduate.

Here are some flexible part-time job options that students commonly manage around their studies.

  • assistant roles in various work settings
  • call centre work
  • factory jobs
  • hospitality and food handling
  • labouring
  • nannying
  • office administration
  • personal carer roles
  • receptionist roles
  • sales or retail positions
  • tutoring.

A few things to consider before you approach employers

How many hours of paid work can you manage on top of your university studies?

Research shows that academic performance starts to be affected when a full-time student does more than fifteen hours of paid work a week outside of study. Working twenty hours a week or more can have a significant, negative, impact on your academic performance. Think about your current priorities and keep your goals realistic.

What skills have you got and what skills do you need?

Being keen and reliable gives you a good start but employers are also looking for specific skills. Read up on employability skills and look for opportunities to demonstrate and develop them at uni, through volunteer work and through part time work. You’ll need to demonstrate your skills to employers on your resume and at work.

What are your options?

Look at job ads online and talk to family and friends to research your options on:

  • the type of work you think you might do
  • places you think you’d like to work
  • the qualities and skills your potential employers are looking for
  • your preferred location for work
  • the number of hours you can manage
  • any workplaces where friends or family are already working or have connections
  • any training or certificates employers would like you to have (e.g. safe food handling, responsible service of alcohol) and how you might obtain these.

How does your resume stack up?

  • Update your resume so it’s current and appealing to potential employers.
  • Ask someone reputable to provide a written or verbal reference for you.
  • Take a look at a sample resume for a student seeking part –time work.
  • Shape up a current resume and get it checked (by a professional) before you show it to employers.

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