Department of Environment and Primary Industries bannerDEPI provides an efficient management approach for public and private land, and water for the people of Victoria. DEPI is focused on protecting our environment, boosting productivity in Victoria’s world-class food and fibre sector and the management of our natural resources, we do this through extensive community consultation in the development and implementation of our policies.


DEPI offers a two-year program open to recent graduates of environmental science, agricultural science, natural resource management and other science related studies. The opportunities for technical training, variety of experience,  exposure to policy development, implementation and delivery and participation in an extensive graduate social network has led to this program being rated 33rd in Australia by graduates in AAGE’s annual survey.

Graduates are prepared for their ongoing role with the Department through three rotations working in different areas of DEPI and the state of Victoria. During the program graduates will undertake specific development activities alongside their normal project work. In addition to this, graduates are given discretion over a personal learning and development budget which allows them to take control of their own careers.

The positions we offer to our graduates vary each year depending on organisational needs, however in the past these have included work on projects including:

  • Land & fire management
  • Natural resource policy
  • Landcare and community engagement
  • Biodiversity and land use planning
  • Water policy
  • Forests & biosecurity
  • Animal welfare
  • Research and extension

Benefits of our Program

  • A generous personal training allowance
  • An extensive network of like-minded graduates
  • Up to three rotations for high level development
  • An ongoing position with DEPI upon completion of the program

For more information, visit the DEPI website.