Are you managing  a chronic illness, injury or disability while you study and develop your career? Actively seeking out a supportive mentor can be a key step in building your work experience and confidence. Programs such as WAM and PACE  provide access to workplace mentors and aim to support students who have a disability and address some of the obstacles they may face. Participants get the opportunity to meet 6-8 times with a mentor in their workplace.

5 key benefits of mentoring programs

  1. gather information about workplace environments and expectations
  2. experience workplace culture
  3. network with people in your area of career interest
  4. learn about job search and interview skills
  5. practice disclosing your disability and learn what modifications may be needed in a workplace.

Apply now

WAM (Willing and Able Mentoring) and PACE (Positive Action towards Career Engagement) are now accepting applications from students for Semester 1 and Semester 2, 2014. Training is provided prior to starting the program.

Hurry – applications are closing soon!


By Helena Martin, Careers Consultant, Career Development Centre