“Subway Lines” by Marc Anderson, courtesy of thepatternlibrary.com

Qualifications for Urban and Regional Planners are in increasing demand as a range of related professions in real estate, local government and business seek to develop an understanding of planning issues. A shortage of trained planners has been felt at all levels of government, and notably in regional Australia.

Fields of Employment

  • Commercial and industrial development
  • Engineering & architectural applications
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Heritage and conservation
  • Land use planning
  • Planning law and practice
  • Policy making and implementation
  • Regional development
  • Resource management
  • Statutory or strategic planning
  • Tourism
  • Transport & infrastructure planning
  • Urban design
  • Use and extension of information technology

Possible Job Titles

  • Environmental Planner
  • Local Government Planner
  • Planning Officer
  • Resource Management Planner
  • Statutory Planner
  • Strategic Planner
  • Town Planner
  • Traffic and Transport Planner
  • Urban and Regional Planner


  • Community sector organisations in urban development, housing and planning
  • Local, State and Federal government departments and agencies
  • Private consultancy firms
  • Finance and investment houses concerned with property markets
  • Residential developers

Professional memberships

La Trobe University Graduates are eligible for membership of the Urban and Regional Planning Chapter of the Planning Institute of Australia.


Planning Institute of Australia (PIA): www.planning.org.au

PIA National Young Planners Group: http://www.planning.org.au/viccontent/young-planners

Global Planners Network: http://www.globalplannersnetwork.org/

Victorian Planning & Environmental Law Association: http://www.vpela.org.au/


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