It’s no secret that we in La Trobe Careers and Employability are big fans of as a career development tool. So we were excited to see that Linkedin has released three fantastic ebooks  specifically for students. These guides are not just instruction manuals for Linkedin itself; they include a lot of fantastic advice on how to discover and create 21st-century career paths.

Click the headings below to download the ebooks.

Part 1: How to Kick Start Your Career


Linkedin Student Job Hunting Handbook, Part 1: How to Kick Start Your Career

Part 1, introduces some new ways of thinking about your career and helps you lay the groundwork of research and networking which will help you discover and go for future opportunities.

Part 2: Job Searching Skills for Students


Linkedin Student Job Hunting Handbook, Part 2: Job Searching for Students

Part 2 is focuses on the main value of Linkedin itself: networking. It goes over the powerful search and connection functions of Linkedin to teach you how to find people who can help you and offers tips on the best ways to reach out to them.

Part 3: Interviewing Tips for Students


Linkedin Student Jon Hunting Handbook, Part 3: Interviewing for Students

Part 3 is all about the finer points of engaging with employers and convincing them to take you on. It will help you have the confidence to take control of the process and make sure that employers see you as you want to be seen.

If there’s anything in these guides that you’re not sure about or you want to discuss your own personal situation with one of La Trobe Careers and Employability’s professional careers consultant, come along to our Careers drop-in service for a chat.