During semester time, the Career Ready team is helped out greatly by a team of 10 Career Ready Ambassadors.  A commonly asked question is ‘who are the Ambassadors and what do they do? ‘ Danielle, one of the current Ambassadors, lets us know the answer! 

Who Are The Career Ready Ambassadors?

Career Ready Ambassadors are the smiling faces ready tell you all about the career services and opportunities available to La Trobe students. We are passionate about helping our fellow classmates become aware of the career services to help build their employability. All ambassadors are current students.

What Do The Ambassadors Do? 

We have several tasks that we do during our shifts to encourage students to use the career services.

Career Ready Ambassadors are the first point of contact for students coming into Career Ready. It is our job to listen to your questions and decide the best resource to answer your question. If you’re looking for internships, volunteering or work opportunities,  there are plenty of avenues we can recommend to you to help with your search.

If you have found a position that interests you but want to make sure that you stand out from the rest of the applicants, we can refer you onto Career Ready staff who can check your resume and cover letter. Or if you need to talk to someone about your possible career paths, we have several Career Advisors who will be happy to sit down with you and go through your options.

“Have you downloaded the MyLatrobe App yet?”

If you in the Agora around lunchtime, you may have seen our cheery Ambassadors asking you this very question.

We ask you this because apart from it being an app for all things La Trobe University, the Career Ready team have a section right in the middle of the task bar the called the ‘Career Ready Advantage’. The Career Ready Advantage is designed to help students build their employability skills. It has online activities, skills assessments, badges to earn and collect, information about student workshops and even a marketplace to help you find current job openings.

So, if you’re one of those people that are trying to avoid us because you have been asked the same question 1000 times, the best way to get us to stop is to download the MyLatrobe App and click on the Career Ready Advantage.

If you see a Career Ready Ambassador, feel free to say hello and ask us your questions so that we can help you on your way to becoming Career Ready!