Some organisations, such as the public service, community organisations and education, require candidates to include responses to Key Selection Criteria (KSC) as part of the job application process. This section  describes what a KSC is, and provides guidance on how to craft your responses.

1. Get an overview

2. Find out more

3. Take action


Create a list or other record of things you’ve done at uni, in part-time work, on placement and elsewhere, which you could draw on as examples when using the STAR model. It could be in table or spreadsheet format, and/or include original or duplicate documents compiled into a folder.

Do an online search for 3 jobs in your field, which reflect the type of work you might do when you graduate.

  • Compare the key selection criteria for the three positions.
  • What key skills and other criteria do the jobs have in common?
  • What examples could you give employers, using the STAR model?
  • Do you have any gaps in skills covered by particular Key Selection Criteria?  How could you gain experience to develop those skills?


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