Exploring or creating a career path involves researching and understanding your options and identifying what you want to find out or do now and in the future.

Some opportunities only come by once so try and make the most of where you are right now.

For instance, now might be the time to:

  • learn more about specific occupations
  • develop your employability skills
  • build on your strengths and interests by seeking out additional knowledge and technical skills
  • gain industry or workplace experience
  • apply for a cadetship, internship or graduate program.

Being clear about what you want to find out or do next will help you to discover and follow up relevant opportunities.

Tune into information, events and developments here at La Trobe, in your local community, and within the industry or profession that interests you.

Let other people know what you are aiming to do. Perhaps they can help or know something or someone that can?

1. Get an overview


2. Find out more

Explore different occupations based on your interests

Explore specific professions and industries in more detail

Research specific occupations and job titles in more detail

Make use of career opportunities available to you here at La Trobe University

  • Enrol in a career planning subject.
  • Get involved with leadership, volunteering, clubs and societies and other events at La Trobe University.
  • Seek out work experience including industry-based learning opportunities (WIL), placements and other opportunities offered within your course.
  • Consider doing part of your course overseas.

Get actively involved in your community and your profession

3. Take action

Now apply what you’ve learnt in this topic to your own career interests and situation by completing the following activities.

Activity 1

Explore the opportunities within a specific industry or job title.

  • Identify a job title.
  • Find out what it’s like to do that specific job.
  • Learn about job requirements, skills, training, internships and entry level roles.
  • Look at information and online video interviews at myfuture or Youth Central websites.
  • Use job titles as keywords in online searches at employment websites like Seek, careerone and Indeed.

Activity 2

Set up a brief informational interview with someone who does the type of work, you are interested in (or something very similar).

  • Is  there someone in your family circle, local or university community you could speak with?
  • Ask them about their career story.
  • Ask for their advice on particular skills or experience you could develop to improve your job prospects.

Activity 3

Identify 3 career opportunities at La Trobe, or in the wider community, that you’d like to get involved with in the next 6 – 12 months. (For instance attend an event, join a faculty association, apply to volunteer at an event or organisation, apply for a cadetship.)

Activity 4

Do some online research to identify the industry body or professional associations related to the graduate role you are aiming for, and become a student member.   

Activity 5

Find out about your ‘luck readiness’.

  • The Luck Readiness Index is a psychometric tool that assesses how open you are to opportunities.
  • Use  the results to reflect on your flexibility, optimism, risk, curiosity, persistence and strategy around developing your career.
  • The test consists of 52 items, it’s free  and should take no more than 10  minutes to complete.
  • A computer-generated report will be emailed to you after you complete the test – register and get started here.

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