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Business incubators and other support for start-ups

Business Incubators

Business incubators are affordable workspaces that can help people grow their small business, make business connections, and tap into mentoring and advisory services.

Co-working Spaces

Coworking spaces are places for freelancers, start-up companies, and small businesses to share office facilities and develop a community of like-minded people. Usually you can rent a desk on a casual or monthly basis. It’s better than finding a table in a cafe – plus you’ll have access to good quality Wi-Fi!

  • Banyule Digidecl – dedicated co-working space in Heidelberg West
  • The Fetch – blog listing of co-working spaces in Australia.
  • Deskmag  – website providing lots of information about co-working spaces.

Support from Government

Local Government
Most local government websites have a business support section outlining programs that support local business initiatives. Find your local council website and see what they have on offer in the way of business support and economic development services.

New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS)
NEIS is an Australian Government program which can provide accredited small business training, business advice and mentoring, as well as ongoing income support for up to 52 weeks. It’s available to individuals who are registered with a JobActive provider.