Researching the job market is essential because it:

  • focuses your job search
  • enables you to identify the best opportunities for you
  • gives you a competitive advantage by developing your knowledge about the sector.

1. Get an overview

2. Find out more

Use these links to start researching and exploring your discipline, industry and sector


The following activities will help you to further your understanding of this topic.

Activity 1

Investigate a career website that would be useful for your job search and is specific to your industry or area of interest.

  1. Add it to your favourites.
  2. Subscribe to a job email alert (or similar)
  3. Explore the site to find out:
    • typical entry level roles that you might aim for in the future
    • skills in demand
    • the key stakeholders, organisations in the sector
    • the key issues  impacting on the sector
  4. What could you do to develop your skills and knowledge for this sector?

Activity 2

Find the website for a professional or industry association that’s relevant to your career interests.

  1. Add it to your favourites.
  2. What industry specific career information, overviews, reports, events or links does it provide?
  3. Look at the benefits of membership and consider becoming a student member (discount rates are usually on offer).

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