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Three great new career guides from



It’s no secret that we in La Trobe Careers and Employability are big fans of as a career development tool. So we were excited to see that Linkedin has released three fantastic ebooks  specifically for students. These guides are not just instruction manuals for Linkedin itself; they include a lot of fantastic advice on how to discover and create 21st-century career paths. Continue reading

Pursue graduate study in China with this great new scholarship opportunity


Night crowds, Xi’an, by Dimitry B.

The Foundation for Australian Studies in China (FASIC) has just announced the pleased to announce the establishment the BHP Billiton Australia China Scholarships.

These scholarships have been established to encourage Australian students and young professionals to pursue specialized study, research and experience in priority areas of interest in the bilateral Australia-China relationship.

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5 early-career milestones worth celebrating


The first few years of your career can be super tough. From long, demotivating job searches to enduring the entry-level grindstone, it can take a long time and a lot of hard work to fully realise your career goals. In order to stay motivated and keep your eyes on the prize, here are some simple milestones that you can celebrate along the way.

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MasterClass: Applying for Graduate Jobs and Internships


Are you applying for graduate jobs or internships? If so, the Masterclass workshop is for you.

This 3-hour workshop will provide all the information you need to put together your resume, get started networking, apply for jobs online and succeed at interviews. Hear directly from Graduate Employers about their recruitment processes and what they look for in candidates.

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Where will you meet your future employer?


Do you know about your career options and the kinds of companies you might work for?

Career expos and other employer events such as The Big Meet are great opportunities to…

  • find out more about the range of places you might work
  • chat informally with employers and others in your field
  • discover new possibilities
  • develop confidence in putting yourself forward for career opportunities.

Here are some up-coming events on our radar.

The Big Meet

The Big Meet is a FREE careers fair targeted at undergraduates and recent graduates from all universities in the metropolitan region. So whether you are a first year student or final year undergraduate, or you’ve been working, studying or travelling since graduation, you are welcome to attend! Continue reading

What can Tinder teach us about resumes?


First impressions count, a lot. It may be superficial, but we humans form opinions of people and things almost instantly. The impression we form in those first few seconds can influence our opinion long after we have learned more information.

The dating app Tinder is based entirely on this aspect of human psychology. A quick glance at a profile picture and then swipe right on someone’s profile to indicate that you’d like to get to know more about them, or swipe left to pass and move onto the next person.

Reading resumes is similar. Studies have shown that recruiters spend just 6 seconds making a decision about a resume. That’s not enough time to read everything you’ve so carefully written, so a lot of it comes down to visual appeal.

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I heard it on the grapevine: how to tap into the hidden job market

It’s common knowledge that the majority of jobs are never advertised online. The exact percentage of hidden jobs is hard to pin down, but most agree that well over half of the jobs out there are filled through word-of-mouth. Even if the proportion of hidden jobs is exaggerated, being on the grapevine will give you a head start when opportunities come up.

So, what exactly is the grapevine and how do you get on it?

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What can I do with a degree in Planning?

“Subway Lines” by Marc Anderson, courtesy of

Qualifications for Urban and Regional Planners are in increasing demand as a range of related professions in real estate, local government and business seek to develop an understanding of planning issues. A shortage of trained planners has been felt at all levels of government, and notably in regional Australia.

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Busted! Using evidence to bust some job search myths


When it comes to job applications, there’s no shortage of advice on how to do things. You’ll find some people who insist that a resume can only ever be one page. Some will tell you to write an objective statement, or a career profile, or a professional summary. Include a photo, or don’t. Do this, don’t do that. How can you cut through the noise and make the best decisions for your job applications?

Research to the rescue

Jim Bright is a Professor of Career Development at Australian Catholic University, Visiting Professor of Career development at the University of Derby in the UK, and a leading career development researcher, writer, and consultant. He is most well known for the Chaos Theory of Careers, which takes into consideration all the randomness and weirdness that happens in people’s lives and careers.

Jim is the author of a number of books on how to write strong job applications, including Brilliant Graduate CV and How to Write a Brilliant CV. The difference between Jim’s books and many others like it, is that the advice he offers is not simply Jim’s opinion, or even just his personal experience. Instead, it is based on the results of serious behavioural research that Jim has done into the habits and preferences of hiring managers and recruiters.

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How mistakes and failure can add up to success



I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Thomas A. Edison, Inventor

Do you worry about making mistakes and failing at things?

There’s an art to taking risks and the truth is fear of failure can keep you in a rut and get in the way of career success (however you define it).

Fact 1: Human growth and development through life depends on learning.

Fact 2: Making and reflecting on mistakes is an excellent (okay, not always painless!) way to learn.

Looking for proof? Read on. 

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