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A quick guide to… psychometric testing

Psychometric testing is often used by employers as part of the application process so it is important to be aware of what it involves and how to prepare for the various types of tests.

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Psychometric testing – preparation is the key to success

Does the prospect of having to do psychometric tests worry you? It is possible to improve your chances of success with psychometric tests by familiarising yourself with the various types of tests and following a few key steps.

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Preparing for an assessment centre

Knowing what to expect in an assessment centre beforehand will be very useful in helping you to prepare for this experience and to participate effectively. Continue reading

A quick guide to… assessment centres

The term ‘assessment centre’ refers to a process, not a place. They are widely used in recruitment for graduate programs as they are a strong predictor of job performance. Continue reading

A graduate’s guide to psychometric testing and assessment centres

Knowing what might be involved in the job interview process can give you a real advantage.

For instance, you probably know that some employers use tests in the recruitment process to assess your suitability for specific roles and work environments. So what’s involved?

Watch this presentation to find out about:

  • types of tests
  • practical tips for success
  • strategies
  • typical activities
  • what’s measured
  • ways to prepare.

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What every graduate should know about job applications and interviews

Take a look at this evidence-based information on:

  • creating effective cover letters, resumes, and applications for jobs
  • performing well in interviews, assessment centres and psychometric testing

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