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Subjects to develop your experience in 2020

Do you want to apply what you’ve learned at university in an authentic workplace? La Trobe offers subjects in 2020 that will help you build your experience. Plus, each subject counts as 1 Practical Experience activity towards your Career Ready Advantage Award!

Service Learning in the Community (LTU2SLC)
Open to all students with a completion of 120 cps. Suitable for students who are wishing to gain community service experience. Click here for more info… or contact servicelearning@latrobe.edu.au

Work Placement / Internship

These two subjects are suitable for students who are wishing to gain industry work experience.  In both subjects you will need to self-source your placement, however assistance can be provided for students who are unsure where’d like to be placed.

Open to all students from the College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Commerce. Click here for more info… or contact ASSC.internships@latrobe.edu.au

Open to students from the College of Science, Health and Engineering. Click here for more info… Or contact SHEWorkIntegratedLearning@latrobe.edu.au

Innovation Challenge

This subject runs in winter semester. Industry Innovation Challenge provides you with an opportunity to develop a real-world solution to a real-world challenge devised and developed in consultation with industry partners. View the subject info page

LinkedIn Learning course recommendations

Looking for something to listen to while you are travelling or have some down time? There are thousands of courses available on LinkedIn Learning. Viewing a LinkedIn Learning course counts as a Professional Learning activity for Career Ready Advantage. You can download the LinkedIn Learning app from your app store and download courses to watch on the go.

If you haven’t used LinkedIn Learning, you can activate your free account (provided by La Trobe) here.

Here are some recommended courses:

What activities did you do this year to build your career readiness?

The end of the year is time to reflect on the year that was. What are some of the great learning experiences you had this year? What did you learn about yourself? What do you need to work on to improve your grades, or achieve your goals? There are probably many things you have done that count towards achieving a Career Ready Advantage Award. You can submit details of completed activities anytime. Here are some examples:

Professional Learning

  • AIM & Wominjeka
  • LinkedIn Learning courses
  • RSA, RSF, or first aid courses

Practical Experience

  • Work placement subjects
  • Volunteered at least 40 hours in a community organisation
  • Worked for at least 120 hours in paid employment
  • Volunteered on campus, such as an Open Day host/ambassador
  • Study Abroad or international exchange
  • Served on a committee for a student club or community organisation

Go to CareerHub to submit details of your completed activities.  

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