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Why listing skills can kill your resume

By now you should know that employers value fundamental employability skills: communication, teamwork, problem solving, organisation, self-management and so on. You know that your resume has to display these skills for you to have a shot at the job, so you put a section like this on your resume:


  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving

Unfortunately, listing skills like this on your resume is entirely pointless and will not impress anyone.

To understand why, watch a minute or two from these three videos.

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Why a satisying career depends on your skills, values and interests

There is an art to finding satisfying work and it begins with knowing yourself. In career development circles, it’s called  self-assessment. Conducting a self-assessment will help you to define your skills, values and interests.

These elements can provide a picture of:

  • what you are good at
  • the things that are important to you
  • what you enjoy doing.

If you are clear about your values, and know  what you are good at and enjoy doing,  you can  research jobs and work environments that are likely to suit your unique personality, talents and interests.

You are then in a position to  identify a suitable direction, set goals and make effective decisions that will take where you want to go.

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