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I heard it on the grapevine: how to tap into the hidden job market

It’s common knowledge that the majority of jobs are never advertised online. The exact percentage of hidden jobs is hard to pin down, but most agree that well over half of the jobs out there are filled through word-of-mouth. Even if the proportion of hidden jobs is exaggerated, being on the grapevine will give you a head start when opportunities come up.

So, what exactly is the grapevine and how do you get on it?

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Networking: a fundamental part of the job search


A recent survey of over 1,800 respondents has revealed exactly how important networking is to finding job opportunities. The survey asked “how did you get your last job?” and the results are clear: networking is at the heart of any successful job search. As you can see in the chart above, more than half of the respondents cited networking as the most effective job search tactic.

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How to find a graduate job through advertised vacancies

Although everyone talks about the importance of finding jobs in the hidden job market, your strategy to find a job should still include looking at advertised vacancies. Why? Well, firstly you can be fairly confident that if a company is advertising it is seriously looking to employ someone, perhaps you! If you meet their requirements, there’s also the possibility of achieving your goal to get a job, start work and begin collecting your pay cheque sooner rather than later. Continue reading

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