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LinkedIn Learning course recommendations

Looking for something to listen to while you are travelling or have some down time? There are thousands of courses available on LinkedIn Learning. Viewing a LinkedIn Learning course counts as a Professional Learning activity for Career Ready Advantage. You can download the LinkedIn Learning app from your app store and download courses to watch on the go.

If you haven’t used LinkedIn Learning, you can activate your free account (provided by La Trobe) here.

Here are some recommended courses:

I heard it on the grapevine: how to tap into the hidden job market

It’s common knowledge that the majority of jobs are never advertised online. The exact percentage of hidden jobs is hard to pin down, but most agree that well over half of the jobs out there are filled through word-of-mouth. Even if the proportion of hidden jobs is exaggerated, being on the grapevine will give you a head start when opportunities come up.

So, what exactly is the grapevine and how do you get on it?

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8 ways to use LinkedIn to develop your career and find the job you want

LinkedIn is more than a social network.

It’s also a career development tool you can use to:

  • network with clients and colleagues
  • research career options
  • discuss and share ideas
  • develop your personal brand
  • search for jobs… and much more.

LinkedIn is free to use although you’ll need to take out a subscription if you want to access more advanced features. It is possible to get plenty of benefits out of a free LinkedIn account without paying any additional fees. Continue reading

LinkedIn 101

Networking is one of the most important skills all professionals need to have in their toolkit. Not only is networking useful for finding jobs, but it helps you to connect with like-minded people, develop your career, help you generate ideas, and more. LinkedIn is a valuable networking tool. Not all people who are valuable for your network live or work in close proximity to you. LinkedIn enables you to reach out beyond your backyard. It also provides a range of tools that are invaluable to managing your career. This webinar shows you how to make the most of LinkedIn.


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