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I heard it on the grapevine: how to tap into the hidden job market

It’s common knowledge that the majority of jobs are never advertised online. The exact percentage of hidden jobs is hard to pin down, but most agree that well over half of the jobs out there are filled through word-of-mouth. Even if the proportion of hidden jobs is exaggerated, being on the grapevine will give you a head start when opportunities come up.

So, what exactly is the grapevine and how do you get on it?

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Why you must have an elevator pitch


Looking for work? Developing your career? Building your networks?

An ‘elevator pitch’ is a quick way of introducing yourself, presenting a clear picture of your interests, skills and background and explaining what you are offering, looking to do or to find out.

Make it easier to network and give yourself the chance to come across as confident, focused and professional by developing and practising an elevator pitch that reflects who you are and what you are about.

For instance, ‘Hi my name is Sam. I have recently graduated with a science degree from La Trobe University, majoring in genetics. I’m really interested in how we can use web 2.0 technologies to increase people’s awareness of inherited disorders.’


Draft your elevator pitch. What do you want to say about yourself?

Try using the Harvard Business School Elevator Pitch Builder.

Watch this short clip on creating an elevator pitch for more tips.

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