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Beware the job application self-destruct button

Self destruct

It looks convenient, doesn’t it? A single button on a job search website which will fire off your resume off at the click of a button. It allows you to apply for dozens of jobs in the time it takes to eat your cornflakes in the morning.

But clicking that button is possibly the worst thing you can do for your chances of success. It’s essentially a self-destruct button for job applications.

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2 kinds of questions you might be asked on job application forms, and how to respond

Job application forms involve providing personal details, such your name, contact details and qualifications as well as answers to specific questions designed to assess your suitability for a specific role or organisation. You may also need to address Key Selection Criteria (KSC). KSC  outline the personal qualities, skills, abilities, knowledge and qualifications the employer wants applicants to have.

Having the same type of information from all applicants gives employers the opportunity to assess everyone’s suitability against the same criteria, and shortlist the best candidates for further assessment and interviews.

Job application forms use two main types of questions.

1.       Questions about your motivation for applying

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