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Workplace relationships: why they matter and how to develop them

Relationships at work are important—often they determine your ability to be effective in a job. When you commence a new graduate or other role, take some time to learn who’s who, who does what in your team and how your work is connected. This helps you to know who to approach with questions and can also enable you to see where you can add value to the work of others. Over time, try to broaden your understanding of the roles performed by other teams and look for ways that you can support each other.

4 ways to develop workplace relationships

1. Seek feedback from others

Be proactive in seeking feedback to understand how you are performing and to identify what you are doing well and where you can improve. Ask your manager for a meeting to discuss how you are going and to gain some feedback. Consider asking your colleagues for feedback on things that could be going better, and what improvements you could make to help the team. Listen carefully to feedback. Keep in mind that it is designed to help you improve and isn’t about personal criticism. Continue reading

5 ways to find work experience

Finding work experience will involve the same strategies as looking for a job; in that regard, it can provide you with valuable experience of the activities involved in seeking graduate employment. Work experience positions are often not advertised – you will have to explore, research and network in order to discover your own work experience opportunity. Continue reading

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