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3 ways to boost your employability skills while you study at La Trobe

Aiming for a career in science? Education? Creative arts? Politics? Working through an undergraduate degree? Embarking on a Masters or a PhD? Whatever you are doing, you’re not going to be the only person finishing university and looking for a job with that particular qualification in hand. What will make you stand out to employers?

Your qualification should give you specific know-how and technical skills and standing out by achieving good marks is one part of the equation. That said,  your personal qualities, achievements, interests and employability skills are also a critical part of what you will bring to a workplace.  Continue reading

How to match your university capabilities with employability skills

What skills, knowledge and attitudes do students need to succeed in life and employment? La Trobe University Graduate Capabilities lists the university’s findings on this question and it’s very similar to the 8 key employability skills mentioned elsewhere in this blog. If you match the two lists up and reflect on the skills and qualities required in your field, you can actively improve your chances of getting the job you want when you graduate. It’s about being strategic – taking  charge of your learning by consciously building (and keeping evidence of) your skills while you are at uni . Continue reading

Gaining personal insight and a competitive edge through work experience

To have a successful career, it’s important to take any opportunity you can to increase your awareness about the world of work and your place in it. Work experience provides a chance to add to the knowledge you develop while at University, gain insight into an occupation and industry, develop your professional and personal skills, and set you apart from other job candidates. Undertaking work experience relevant to your degree can provide you with both personal insight and a competitive edge. Continue reading

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