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A graduate’s guide to psychometric testing and assessment centres

Knowing what might be involved in the job interview process can give you a real advantage.

For instance, you probably know that some employers use tests in the recruitment process to assess your suitability for specific roles and work environments. So what’s involved?

Watch this presentation to find out about:

  • types of tests
  • practical tips for success
  • strategies
  • typical activities
  • what’s measured
  • ways to prepare.

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A graduate’s guide to the ins and outs of behavioural interviews

Behavioural interviews (or questions) are commonly used by employers to find out how you are likely to manage specific work situations.

This can really throw you if you haven’t got previous experience in a similar job, for instance if it’s the first professional role you’re applying for after finishing your degree. Whatever your situation, there are ways to respond to these answers and show employers that you’ve got what it takes to do the job.

Get some advance know-how here.

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A graduate’s guide to addressing key selection criteria

Looking at job advertisements online or elsewhere? You’ll notice that many job position descriptions include a list of key selection criteria that state what the employer is looking for.

Some job applications ask you to explain how and why you meet each requirement in a formal document that you submit together with a cover letter and resume. Or, you might have to respond to key selection criteria in an online application, where strict word limits will apply.

Here’s what you need to tackle key selection criteria and show why you’re the best person for the job.

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Find out more:

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