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How to use Linkedin to explore potential career paths, in 5 easy GIFs

One of the most common questions that uni students ask career counsellors is “what can I do with my degree?”

An easy way to answer this question is to use Linkedin.com. Linkedin is the world’s biggest career-oriented social media network. It’s a lot more than just an online resume or a virtual contacts list. It’s also useful for exploring potential career pathways. Here’s the best way to get started.

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8 ways to use LinkedIn to develop your career and find the job you want

LinkedIn is more than a social network.

It’s also a career development tool you can use to:

  • network with clients and colleagues
  • research career options
  • discuss and share ideas
  • develop your personal brand
  • search for jobs… and much more.

LinkedIn is free to use although you’ll need to take out a subscription if you want to access more advanced features. It is possible to get plenty of benefits out of a free LinkedIn account without paying any additional fees. Continue reading

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