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Subjects to develop your experience in 2020

Do you want to apply what you’ve learned at university in an authentic workplace? La Trobe offers subjects in 2020 that will help you build your experience. Plus, each subject counts as 1 Practical Experience activity towards your Career Ready Advantage Award!

Service Learning in the Community (LTU2SLC)
Open to all students with a completion of 120 cps. Suitable for students who are wishing to gain community service experience. Click here for more info… or contact servicelearning@latrobe.edu.au

Work Placement / Internship

These two subjects are suitable for students who are wishing to gain industry work experience.  In both subjects you will need to self-source your placement, however assistance can be provided for students who are unsure where’d like to be placed.

Open to all students from the College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Commerce. Click here for more info… or contact ASSC.internships@latrobe.edu.au

Open to students from the College of Science, Health and Engineering. Click here for more info… Or contact SHEWorkIntegratedLearning@latrobe.edu.au

Innovation Challenge

This subject runs in winter semester. Industry Innovation Challenge provides you with an opportunity to develop a real-world solution to a real-world challenge devised and developed in consultation with industry partners. View the subject info page

3 ways to boost your employability skills while you study at La Trobe

Aiming for a career in science? Education? Creative arts? Politics? Working through an undergraduate degree? Embarking on a Masters or a PhD? Whatever you are doing, you’re not going to be the only person finishing university and looking for a job with that particular qualification in hand. What will make you stand out to employers?

Your qualification should give you specific know-how and technical skills and standing out by achieving good marks is one part of the equation. That said,  your personal qualities, achievements, interests and employability skills are also a critical part of what you will bring to a workplace.  Continue reading

Volunteering benefits you and the community

Volunteering is an excellent way to gain experience and practical skills in your field of study, or in a field in which you are interested. Through volunteering you can contribute greatly to an organisation and the community, and can network with a wide range of people who may be able to offer advice and assistance with your job search. All graduate employers view community involvement very positively. Continue reading

5 ways to find work experience

Finding work experience will involve the same strategies as looking for a job; in that regard, it can provide you with valuable experience of the activities involved in seeking graduate employment. Work experience positions are often not advertised – you will have to explore, research and network in order to discover your own work experience opportunity. Continue reading

Gaining personal insight and a competitive edge through work experience

To have a successful career, it’s important to take any opportunity you can to increase your awareness about the world of work and your place in it. Work experience provides a chance to add to the knowledge you develop while at University, gain insight into an occupation and industry, develop your professional and personal skills, and set you apart from other job candidates. Undertaking work experience relevant to your degree can provide you with both personal insight and a competitive edge. Continue reading

Benefits of work experience

Each year there is a large pool of students graduating with similar qualifications. Before you finish your degree ask yourself these things:

  • Does anything help you stand out from the crowd?
  • Would an employer notice you above anyone else?

If the answer to these questions is no then you should consider organising some work experience for yourself. Continue reading

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